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Illustration Friday: Prepare

My second illustration for Illustration Friday.

Since I am in another wedding this year I thought it would be a great concept for this week’s topic in Illustration Friday.


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Well October was a busy month, for me at least. I was in Tara and Paul’s wedding.  It was a lot of fun, and I am very happy for the both of them. I drew me in my brides maid dress.

Me in my bridesmaid dress for Tara and Paul's Wedding

Done with Prismacolor Markers

Also the following Monday was the 18th, and as most of you know I had my surgery for a Neck Dissection. They cut open my old scar from last time and cut it up to the right side of my ear.  They removed the cancer from the right side of my neck and in the bed of where the thyroid use to be. In the bed the cancer was behind my vocal cords, needless to say the surgeon was very careful and made sure not to damage my vocal cords. So they took out 10 lymph nodes on the right side of my neck and out of the 10, 6 of them were cancerous. And in the bed they took out 6 and 4 out of the 6 were cancerous.  Let hope this is the last time I have to go threw this.  My nerves are basically in shock and my mussels are stiff but I keep moving them around, I am also getting better and better everyday.

My Scar

Trust me it looks a lot better now, you can’t really tell but it goes all the way up to my ear.

I was up and back at work 2 weeks after surgery, told you I would bounce back fast. Thank you all for the prayers and thoughts.

As for whats to come, I am currently working on drawings for a few friends, my design for my Christmas cards this year and Ocean Tides. So Ocean Tides Fans look out.


Last picture I swear :p but I love it!


photo taken by Dina Abbamondi(one of Paul’s awesome sisters)

Flower Butt!

~Till next time

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