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My Cupcake paintings

Check out my cupcake paintings, I plan on framing them and placing them in my room. I’ve also came up with a few new paintings, I will have to put up here later.

So How is everyone summer? Mine is going well, Less than 3 months left before Intervention Con. I plan on this weekend to work on some more prints.

I head to the beach in 3 weeks, and I am going to Hershey Park in 2 weeks :3 with Tara and Marie.

Dana Visits

Dana came to visit me for our birthday bash weekend. We watched Tangled (3 times :3) Its an adorable movie and you should watch it.  Every time we saw them about to kiss or had a chance we yell kiss her!!  Yes we also had sushi and ice cream cake. Best Weekend Ever!

Tangled Fanart Eugene and Rapunzel

Speaking of Tangled here is a sketch I did :3 hehehe I needs to be inked and colored, maybe this weekend I can color it along with the Prints I want to get done for Intervention con.

I also got a tumblr…I plan on using it for finished Paintings and just random sketches??

~Till Next Time

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Commission Coffee Mugs

A few weeks ago I was asked to do Three Coffee mugs for our new kitchen at work.   At the time I agreed to it then it hit me going “Oh my god! I was just commissioned” XD Each one took about a hour and half to do.   I turned them into the lady who commissioned me  to do them and she loved them(and I also got paid)

So when they do get put up in the kitchen I will take pictures ^-^

I had a lot of fun painting these.

~Till next time


My coffee mug commission frame

Here they are framed in the kitchen where I work.  They came out great, I have been getting a lot of positive feed back on them.  Everyone just loves them.

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I’ve been a little stressed lately, so when I am I turn to water color painting. Alot has been going on, and I am getting ready to make more drawings and illustrations :3 so look out for that.

Birds of Paradise


Palm Tree for my Sister

This Palm Tree painting was requested by my sister.

~Till next time

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Its the truth, at least for me.  She has been nothing but helpful this past few months and is at every Doctors appointment with me.

~Till next time.

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