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My Cupcake paintings

Check out my cupcake paintings, I plan on framing them and placing them in my room. I’ve also came up with a few new paintings, I will have to put up here later.

So How is everyone summer? Mine is going well, Less than 3 months left before Intervention Con. I plan on this weekend to work on some more prints.

I head to the beach in 3 weeks, and I am going to Hershey Park in 2 weeks :3 with Tara and Marie.

Dana Visits

Dana came to visit me for our birthday bash weekend. We watched Tangled (3 times :3) Its an adorable movie and you should watch it.  Every time we saw them about to kiss or had a chance we yell kiss her!!  Yes we also had sushi and ice cream cake. Best Weekend Ever!

Tangled Fanart Eugene and Rapunzel

Speaking of Tangled here is a sketch I did :3 hehehe I needs to be inked and colored, maybe this weekend I can color it along with the Prints I want to get done for Intervention con.

I also got a tumblr…I plan on using it for finished Paintings and just random sketches??

~Till Next Time

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Got to love Parodies and Cameos :3

I don’t know what made me have this dream, I guess it had to do with seeing the Fourth Kind trailer before I headed to bed XD.

Well my good friend, Tara does dream logs on her blog from time to time and some of her dreams are so creative, funny and weird :3.  So here my parody of her dream log comics with my own weird dream with Tara cameo in it ^-^.

FYI: the guy in the middle is a dude…yea <.< blue lips…haha

This comic is the result of my boredom ^-^

The jigglypuff cake was a huge hit at the party! All that was left was part of his ear and a little part of his head.  At the end of the night Tara and I ended up picking at it along with the pocky cake that didn’t get touched because everyone filled up on Jigglypuff cake hahh.

so yeah…go Phillies!

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