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I’ve been keeping very busy with work, drawing Ocean Tides related stuff and creating blank greeting cards using my paintings.

Intervention Con is only weeks away and I am no where near where I would like to be.  I have a few more prints to color, book markers and finish keychains. I am going to turn my buttons in this weekend to Dana(big thanks to her for helping me out!)


I’ve added this on my Tumblr but I wanted to show you guys on here as well. :3 I have some closer up images of them. I plan on making many sets. Each collection is tied nicely with a ribbon.

Each pack comes with a set of 5 blank greeting cards and 5 envelopes

(Here is the turtle close up, sorry for the terrible quality of my phone)

I have 2 packs of just the sea turtle collage, the rest I am going to try to break up the selection. :3

Sets of these will be sold at Intervention Con in September.

Card Set 2


Once I figure out how to sell things online, I may try selling these. I will keep you posted. I am very excited in how these came out. My mom has been wanting to take them all. I did set aside a set just for her.

I also am helping out my friend Tara with her portfolio site. Speaking of which, I am currently redoing mine as well. Just have to get the graphic down that I want.

~Till Next Time


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Commission Coffee Mugs

A few weeks ago I was asked to do Three Coffee mugs for our new kitchen at work.   At the time I agreed to it then it hit me going “Oh my god! I was just commissioned” XD Each one took about a hour and half to do.   I turned them into the lady who commissioned me  to do them and she loved them(and I also got paid)

So when they do get put up in the kitchen I will take pictures ^-^

I had a lot of fun painting these.

~Till next time


My coffee mug commission frame

Here they are framed in the kitchen where I work.  They came out great, I have been getting a lot of positive feed back on them.  Everyone just loves them.

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How has everyone doing? Things have been good here, I should of mentioned awhile back I got my results back from my scan and I am once again cancer free. :3 pray that I do not have to go through that again and the doctors got everything. I’ve been very busy with my job, but I still find time to paint and draw. Enjoying the paintings? or would you like to see something else?

I really should Update more doodles, but I do have some to show :3.



I was trying to come up with a Chapter cover for Ocean Tides Chapter 3. I think I like the idea in the bottom left corner and I think that is what I am going to go with.

watercolor paintings

More water color paintings, I am currently working on 3 more, that I have been asked to do for the kitchen at work. So I will show you guys what I have soon. :3

Ocean Tides Ch 1 pg 1-12

Look what I made, I made a comic of Ocean Tides from Ch 1 of pages 1-12. I only made one so this copy is one of a kind, at least to me :3

Dana and I both got approve for tables at Intervention con! What is Intervention Con? It is a convention for webcomics and your internet life(comics, games, art shops). Come show us your support for Ocean Tides and On the Bright Side if you live in the DC, Va and MD area in September.

Now it is crunch time, I have sketches for prints, I need to ink and color. :3 Along with prints of Ocean Tides, I will be selling book markers, magnets, possibly buttons and keychains. Also I will have prints for my new upcoming comic( hush hush) and original prints. I also may have a mini comic to sell hehe we shall see.

snapefigureAt last I leave you with Snape Action Figure! :3

~Till next time

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I’ve been a little stressed lately, so when I am I turn to water color painting. Alot has been going on, and I am getting ready to make more drawings and illustrations :3 so look out for that.

Birds of Paradise


Palm Tree for my Sister

This Palm Tree painting was requested by my sister.

~Till next time

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So I finally worked on somethings with my markers. I made a Chart of all the marker colors I own. The type of markers I use are Prismacolor Markers, which can be purchased as a Art Supply store or Online they run about 3 to 4 dollars I want to say. They are cheaper then Copics.

Playing with color

This was done with Prismacolor Pencils.


It’s been great practicing once again with color. On other News I have been working on Ocean Tides a lot, I even manage to update twice this week.  I guess I am trying to get chapter 2 completed so I can start Chapter3. Also Dana and I are going to go to Intervention Con next year. In hopes to get a table, so I have been sketching/coloring out ideas for prints and such in case I do get approve of a table. So that should be a lot of fun. It would be my first time attending a convention as a artist in the alley :3


So Ocean Tides here a few Sketches I did on scrap paper.

Ocean Tides Doodle Dump

Ocean Tides doodles, I was trying to draw Connor Surfing and Hoku as well in the corner. XD Lily and Alex are upside down and Lily wipe out in the doodle up top XD

I was listening to Surfing USA by the Beach Boys and Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride sung by Jump5 with some Jimmy Buffet in there XD

Lily Cutout

I made a cut out of Lily Chibi form.

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Its the truth, at least for me.  She has been nothing but helpful this past few months and is at every Doctors appointment with me.

~Till next time.

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Ocean Tides Prints

Title says it all, my laptop isn’t working right now and some personal issues have come up. Once I start getting everything figured out my drawings and Ocean Tides will be back up and running. Ocean Tides is coming up on its two year mark :3 Thank you for all who followed and read for two years now YAY!! I’d hold a contest if I had my laptop working so that I could draw prizes out. XD

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