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Illustration Friday: Heights

My fourth illustration for Illustration Friday.

The Theme this week for Illustration Friday is Heights!

As much as I love the story of Rapunzel and Disney’s Tangled, I kinda wanted to poke fun at it. So the Prince is afraid of Heights.
Art © Me
Rapunzel © Brothers Grimm

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Queen Jellyfish Who's Afraid?
MonMonxx Images

I got approved for a table at the artist alley at Interventioncon with Dana again this year :3. So new prints and old prints and Greeting cards!!

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Illustration Friday: Twirl
My third illustration for Illustration Friday.

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Illustration Friday: Prepare

My second illustration for Illustration Friday.

Since I am in another wedding this year I thought it would be a great concept for this week’s topic in Illustration Friday.

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Illustration Friday: Silent

My first illustration for Illustration Friday.


~Till Next Time

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I am at Interventioncon this weekend. Thank you for those that stopped by and picked up my card :3. You made me very happy and I hope I will not let you down with my comic or my artwork. I will have a update on the con later tonight or tomorow, but right now I finishing packing up and about to head over to the convention. Hope to see you there.

~Till Next Time

Oh I printed out some more Blossom and Cupcake greeting cards. :3

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When I was 8, I painted this bird house for my mom, I did a terrible job seeing how there are places the painted didn’t get to.  So many years later my mom comes back asking me to repaint it. birhouse_p1_monmon


I just finished it today, if I had to say how much time I spent on this I have to say around 3-5 hours. It was a lot of fun to do and I hope I can work on more things like this.

My mom sure enjoyed it and it is going to be at the Pocono House Labor Day weekend.

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